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Our Strategy

Frist Cressey Ventures is a venture capital firm on a mission to transform healthcare and improve lives. Partnering with us means more than just capital. It means strategic support in the key areas that help businesses thrive, innovate, and deliver on their promise to affect systemic change.



When you’re developing a new healthcare delivery model, having an experienced partner like FCV is extremely valuable as you navigate the complex healthcare system and build out your leadership team.

FCV has been our capital partner from day one, and they have been true partners in every sense of the word. We would not be the national platform we are today if it weren’t for their deep relationships, guidance and unwavering support.

Everyone told me there is a difference between straight capital and strategic, but I didn’t fully understand what that meant until I met the team at Frist Cressey. They truly are making Psych Hub a better company. They are always there to help and offer support but only do it in a constructive and supportive way. They are smart, resourceful, effective, and kind. Psych Hub is forever grateful for FCV’s unwavering support, together we are changing mental health literacy for all.

The partnership and support of Frist Cressey Ventures has been unparalleled as Vim embarks on its mission to power affordable, high quality healthcare through seamless connectivity. The team at FCV is engaged, knowledgeable, and talented and understands our vision of seamlessly integrating data at the point of care to improve quality, experience, and total cost of care. Frist Cressey’s investment has improved Vim’s ability to make a deep and broad impact on US healthcare.

If you’re interested in exploring ways to transform healthcare, contact us.