Top 10 Tech Companies Nurtured By Nashville, Tennessee

First settled by a party of Overmountain Men in 1779 on the banks of the Cumberland River, Nashville became official in 1806 as the county seat. In 1843 the city added the tag of capital of Tennessee, thanks to the river traffic and the railroad.

Another nickname for Nashville is the “Athens of the South,” so given because of all the colleges and universities. Leading the parade, Vanderbilt University has nearly 13,000 students, followed by close to 11,000 at Tennessee State U. Throw in some medical and law schools, and Nashville does fit the description of an education hub.

When mixed with politics (and money) and 1,840,000 or so citizens in the metro area, this combination makes a good recipe for startups. Medical startups lead the group, so better healthcare may come from Nashville tomorrow like music does today…

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