Devoted Health Plan Steps Up to Provide $0 Insulin to Medicare Members With Diabetes

Devoted Health (, a next generation Medicare Advantage plan dedicated to delivering high quality care at lower overall costs, announced today that it will begin offering insulin at a $0 copay for their members. The copay adjustment comes as a response to recent reports indicating that insulin-using diabetics are increasingly unable to afford their insulin treatment as a result of its rising cost.

According to a recent study by The Kaiser Family Foundation, out-of-pocket spending on insulin for Medicare Part D enrollees quadrupled between 2007 and 2016. For the same year, a person with insulin-dependent diabetes incurred, on average, $5,705 in annual point-of-sale insulin costs. Another report showed that one-quarter of patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes have used less insulin than prescribed due to these high costs.

“At Devoted, we believe no one should have to skimp on life-saving insulin medication because of a cost barrier,” said Dariel Quintana, Devoted Health’s Market President for Florida. “So, the move to offer fifteen insulin medications at a $0 copay fits in very well with our mission to do whatever it takes to keep our members healthy.”

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