Innovations and Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Michael Abramoff

Senator Frist Begins 3-part Series Highlighting Healthcare Innovations with Dr. Michael Abramoff’s Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence 

This week, we are kicking off Part 1 of a 3-Part series featuring insights from our nation’s leading health experts responsible for incredible innovations changing the delivery of patient care.  Our series begins with Senator Frist sitting down with Dr. Michael Abramoff, a fellowship-trained retina specialist, computer scientist and entrepreneur. He is Founder and Executive Chairman of IDx, the first company ever to receive FDA approval for an autonomous AI-based diagnostic system.

The company’s artificial intelligence technology can detect diabetic eye disease – which causes 50,000 Americans to go blind each year – quickly and easily without a doctor or the need for a specialist visit. IDx is moving previously costly, time-consuming healthcare services to the frontlines in primary care settings and retail clinics, while ensuring better outcomes and access to care.

Learn more about how artificial intelligence is saving time, money, and shifting the way patient care is being delivered.