CEO Spotlight: Charlie Lougheed, Axuall


What does Axuall do?

Axuall is a workforce intelligence network that connects healthcare organizations to a wide array of clinician data to support the multi-stakeholder needs, including planning, market analysis, recruiting, onboarding (e.g., credentialing and enrollment), and ongoing monitoring and optimization of their clinical workforce across physicians, APPs, and nurses. Axuall enables leaders to optimize their most important supply chain: their clinicians.

What trends are you seeing in the Clinical Workforce Intelligence space?

As shortages for healthcare workers at all levels worsen, complex healthcare organizations struggle to optimize their existing workforces and efficiently recruit and onboard clinicians. Solving this problem is critical to addressing access, cost, and revenue challenges while being core to community mission achievement. Forward-thinking leaders are beginning to leverage clinician big data and analytics from inside and outside organizations to reduce burnout, attrition, and waste in an era of growing talent scarcity.

What is your biggest concern?

My biggest concern is that the U.S. can’t equitably address the growing gap between supply and demand among healthcare workers. This is key to our country’s economic growth and the well-being of our citizens. While we can do more to cultivate and grow our nation’s healthcare workforce, without data-driven optimization, it will be a gap impossible to close on its own.

What’s next for Axuall?

Our primary first goal is to continue to meet the demand we’ve seen in the market, particularly with our large enterprise clients. In addition, we’re thrilled about the next-generation workforce analytics and onboarding technologies that are being advanced along with our strategic partners.

How is Axuall improving healthcare?

Axuall is improving healthcare by applying big data and automation to tackle the most critical part of the healthcare supply chain: its workforce. Our enterprise healthcare system, staffing, and telehealth clients are applying our technology to streamline the planning, recruitment, credentialing, and onboarding of clinicians, resulting in dramatic savings and supporting the digital transformation of healthcare administration.