CEO Spotlight: Joe Connolly, Visana Health

What does Visana do?

Visana is a value-based women’s health clinic that delivers comprehensive care for the widest range of women’s health conditions. From menstruation to menopause, our tech-enabled clinical model delivers whole-person, coordinated care that drastically improves outcomes for women with complex gynecology conditions and multiple comorbidities, resulting in an actuarially-proven reduction in the total cost of care.

What trends are you seeing in the value-based specialty care space?

We’re seeing interest in innovative value-based care (VBC) arrangements that cater to specific demographics, like women, as commercial plans recognize the importance of the “Chief Medical Officer” of the home. Women have substantially different clinical and cost drivers than men, including conditions that uniquely impact them, like gynecology, disproportionately impact them, like migraine, and differently impact them, like cardiovascular disease. This creates the opportunity for novel value-based arrangements that improve outcomes and reduce costs for this specific population.

What is your biggest concern?

Traditionally, “women’s health” was synonymous with fertility & maternity, but conditions that uniquely or disproportionately impact women drive nearly 1 in 5 commercial plan dollars. Many plans are unaware that these costs are so significant, leading to a significant underinvestment in women’s health. Visana is working to change this by educating plans on the importance – both clinical and economic – of investing in women’s health.

What’s next for Visana?

Visana is poised for significant growth, aiming to reach more and more women with our proven care model. We’re on track to treat tens of thousands of women this year. Our focus will remain on treating new conditions that differently or disproportionately impact women, creating a ‘medical home for women’. We’re also committed to enhancing our patient & clinician experience through additional investment in technology, promising a brighter future for women’s health.

How is Visana improving healthcare?

Many women who come to Visana have complex conditions and severe symptoms yet have suffered for many years without appropriate care. Visana achieves clinically meaningful improvement in outcomes in 93% of women within 3 months – many of whom achieve complete symptom relief – all while reducing the total cost of care an NPS of 90.