CEO Spotlight: Oron Afek, Vim

What does Vim do?

Vim is a technology company building digital infrastructure for improved health care performance. We help payers and providers connect data to workflow at health care’s “last mile”, which is within clinical operations at the point of patient care – most often in EHRs. Health plans use our technology to better connect to and support providers, and providers use our point of care applications to succeed on patient experience and value based care.

What trends are you seeing in the healthcare technology space?

We’re at the start of a potential golden age in digital health care connectivity. We’re seeing an alignment of incentives, policy, and technology that have the potential to bring a new era in performance on quality, cost, and experience. Whether it’s administrative technology, virtual care delivery models, or digital infrastructure companies like us, the next two to three years are going to be really exciting. The challenge will continue to be getting to scale, which is why we have focused so much on ease of integration.

What is your biggest concern?

We’re in a race together with our payer partners to get supportive technology into the hands of community providers to equip them to succeed in value based care. The operating environment is really challenging for providers trying to make this transition, especially those who have chosen to remain independent. We excel at making data and workflow connections easy for all sides. That said, the challenges to these providers right now are very real.

What’s next for Vim?

Our network footprint is growing quickly. We have newly executed partnerships with some of the top payers and providers in the country, and we’re underway onboarding providers and lighting up EHR connections in support of those partnerships. In addition, we’re investing in our platform to expand our applications in ways that allow payers and providers to succeed together and to make it easier for providers to connect to our offerings.

How is Vim improving healthcare?

Our mission is to power affordable, high quality healthcare through seamless connectivity. We do that by making it radically easier for providers and payers to connect data and workflow in service of patient experience and value based care. Today, that comes to life through our applications for care quality and diagnosis gaps, referrals, and digital scheduling. In the near future that portfolio is going to expand significantly. When supportive technology is embedded directly into EHR workflows and is connected to real time external data, a lot of the operational burden around value based care goes away. The right thing to do becomes the easy thing to do, and that’s a powerful thing.

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