CEO Spotlight: Robin Shah, Thyme Care


Robin Shah, CEO & Co-Founder
Thyme Care




What does Thyme Care do?

Thyme Care is a value-based oncology care navigation company focused on meeting patients where they are in their cancer journey and helping them each step of the way by partnering with health plans to deliver whole-person care to their members with a suspicion or confirmed cancer diagnosis. We bridge in-person and digital care by pairing Oncology Nurses and Care Partners with software and analytics to proactively identify members at-risk of an adverse event, address gaps in care, and help ensure treatment aligns with their goals.

What trends are you seeing in the Oncology Care Navigation space?Cancer is the second-leading cause of death in the US and one of the largest drivers of healthcare spending. In addition, research shows that only 12% of people have the skills to navigate the healthcare system. Combined with the inherent mental, physical, and emotional drain associated with a cancer diagnosis—patients have an enormous need for specialized guidance and support. Creating solutions that improve the patient experience, and outcomes, must be a focal point of effective oncology program design.

There’s a huge shift now toward the use of telehealth and other digital platforms, at-home testing and treatment options, and new models that combine the best elements of community oncology and academic cancer centers—all of which require integrated solutions that align incentives for patients, oncologists, employers, and health plans.

What is your biggest concern?We have been blown away with the excitement for our model since we first launched in 2020. With the interest we’ve seen, combined with oncology payment reform being top-of-mind for both CMS and commercial payers, and the need to improve the patient experience, our team will need to be laser focused on identifying the highest-impact partnerships, interventions, and work streams that deliver value to whole-patient care in the upcoming year.

What’s next for Thyme Care?Our team is leveraging our deep oncology expertise and relationships to generate actionable insights that will improve the patient experience, outcomes, and costs at scale as we validate our model across a wide breadth of patients. We are working closely with health plans and providers to create and support first-of-it’s-kind value-based arrangements that incentivize improving the patient experience and addressing fundamental needs, like transportation and caregiver assistance, that aren’t addressed today by our healthcare system.

How is Thyme Care improving healthcare?

Thyme Care was created to provide a better cancer journey for all. A platform that connects patients, caregivers, clinicians, and health plans to effectively coordinate integrated cancer care that leads to better results. We are providing the insider information patients need to successfully navigate a complex healthcare system and maximize access to high-quality care, quickly. Our services go beyond meeting clinical needs; we work closely with each individual to identify their barriers to care as no two cases are the same. By using people and data, we’re able to do more than just improve the patient experience. That means more communication and a more seamless experience for patients, providers, and health plans.

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