DexCare Reports Banner Year: Expands Access to Care to Millions of Patients and Maintains Rapid Company Growth

In 2022, the DexCare platform extended its virtual-care-market footprint by 34%, reached more than 57 million patients and saved health systems more than 42,000 hours of critical physician time.

DexCare, Inc., the leading patient demand and care access platform, today announced its industry impact and business growth results, commemorating its two-year anniversary following its spinout from Providence. DexCare’s platform, which optimizes care discovery and access for patients, while balancing system capacity, helped its healthcare partners expand the markets they serve, reach millions of patients and save thousands of critical provider hours.

DexCare’s multi-modal care solution, which bridges virtual and in-person services, enabled healthcare partners to overcome traditional geographical barriers and expand access to care into rural and underserved communities. This led to a growth in markets served by 34 percent, reaching more than 57 million patients across all 50 states.

“We’re working to close the care gap in our most vulnerable communities and healthcare deserts to positively impact the lives of providers and patients,” said Derek Streat, CEO of DexCare. “DexCare’s rapid growth is evidence of the market demand for digital solutions that enable healthcare systems to optimize their resources and to modernize where, when and how care is conveniently accessed.”

With 15 percent of the U.S. population living in rural areas and more than 10 percent living in poverty, DexCare is filling a critical access and care gap for those that need it most.

“Virtual care creates a unique opportunity to establish a digital connection that can turn into a physical one,” said Streat. “A one-time digital visit is a building block for a long-term relationship whereby a transactional service is the first step to becoming a trusted partner. Where digital and physical care converge, the DexCare platform deploys resources to meet demand, providing a comprehensive approach to managing health.”

DexCare’s virtual platform not only breaks down the physical barriers of traditional care, but it also saves health systems precious time. The platform is purpose built to optimize resources, orchestrate capacity and direct best-fit care options. DexCare’s patient matching algorithm drives efficiencies throughout the virtual engagement – beating the national average of duration per visit – which resulted in partners saving more than 42,000 hours last year.

“Time is a critical, depleting resource for health systems,” said Sara Vaezy, chief strategy and digital officer of Providence. “We’re operating in a new environment where we must meet growing consumer demands with limited capacity. Incubated at Providence, and now serving health systems at large, DexCare is proving that the industry can do more with less, while maintaining a high standard of care. Virtual is part of the care delivery mix and enables health systems to reduce wasted time, improve outcomes and keep costs low.”

DexCare maintained its momentum and developed transformative partnerships with leading U.S. health systems, including Texas Health Resources, the University of Rochester Medical Center and Community Health Network.

In 2022, Kaiser Permanente expanded its partnership to utilize DexCare’s platform to orchestrate demand and load balance for nationwide scheduling, including clinic bookings, virtual care and phone appointments. Mass General Brigham (MGB) implemented DexCare’s end-to-end virtual software and measured a 20 percent increase of net-new patient visits, while maintaining an average Net Promoter Score of 90, far above the national average. University of Rochester Medical Center also launched multi-language support to better connect and support their patients.

As adoption of DexCare’s platform grows, so does the company. Over the past year, DexCare hit key-growth milestones and achieved notable industry recognition, including:

  • Earned 2023 Great Place to Work® Certification: Ninety-five percent of employees said DexCare is a great place to work – 38 points above the national average. This is the second year that DexCare is recognized for the prestigious certification, a reflection of the company’s commitment to create an exceptional and positive employee experience.
  • The acquisition of Womp, Inc. (Womp). As DexCare’s first acquisition, the addition of Womp brings in-house a powerful e-commerce and merchandising platform that empowers health systems to operate at the intersection of demand and access. The platform boosts customer demand by enhancing the discoverability of services and delivers access through a digital interface that intelligently routes available care, across modalities, resulting in a seamless, low-friction experience.
  • Continued company talent growth. Over the past year, DexCare grew its employee base by more than 170 percent and made key executive hires, including Rick Pittenger as chief technology officer and Jamie Gier as chief marketing officer. The additions demonstrate DexCare’s commitment to drive forward its mission and maintain an aggressive growth trajectory.
  • Named to Fierce Healthcare’s Fierce 15 of 2023. Competing against hundreds of global early-stage HIT companies, DexCare was recognized as one of the most promising healthcare companies disrupting and shaping the future of the industry.
  • Earned industry recognition, including:
    • Finalist for the UCSF Health Hub Digital Health Awards;
    • Recipient of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Health Equity Initiative;
    • Finalist for GeekWire’s “Startup of the Year” award; and
    • Achieved HITRUST Certification.

About DexCare

Incubated at Providence, one of the nation’s largest health systems, DexCare is a data-driven intelligence company focused on making access to healthcare better for everyone. DexCare’s core offering is a software platform, provided exclusively to health systems, that orchestrates digital demand and health system capacity across all lines of care. The platform attracts high-value, commercially-insured consumers by providing a highly discoverable, fully-digitized, and unified experience while amplifying health systems’ existing EMR, caregiver, and brand investments. The uniqueness of DexCare lies within its intelligent navigation and load balancing across providers, settings, modalities, and service lines. DexCare’s data-driven engine allocates, flexes, and optimizes resources to best meet both consumer demand and health system business goals.

DexCare powers the digital engine of leading health systems across the U.S., including Kaiser, Houston Methodist, Mass General Brigham, and others. DexCare-powered digital experiences attract 30% more new patients, 85% of whom are commercially insured, capture 8x downstream revenue, generate over 20% per patient encounter in cost savings, and deliver net promoter satisfaction greater than 90%.

Source: Business Wire