Healthcare Is Chaotic: 5 Lessons Drawn From Colliding Spaces To Inspire Better Health

Bill Frist

Healthcare in the U.S. is costly, confusing, inconsistent, and poorly organized. The patient suffers. It is notoriously not consumer friendly, yet we all entrust our lives to it. At its best, it is the best in the world. But on average, it’s inefficient, chaotic, and uneven. But we can change that. We can by listening to others.

Nashville, frequently referred to the nation’s Silicon Valley of health services because of its current cluster of 17 publicly held healthcare companies and its unique 60-year history of innovating care delivery, has been inundated the past few years with an influx of health conferences. Nashville today is the place to be for gatherings to solve the sector’s biggest challenges. But almost all these conferences are cut from the same cloth, health experts talking to health experts. So we at Frist Cressey Ventures endeavored to try something radically different.

We set out to engage the best and smartest and most experienced problem solvers from outside healthcare with some of the smartest operators and innovators within. And to do so in a natural setting that inspires. The central organizing theme: “Great minds think differently: Colliding spaces to inspire better health.”