Mindoula Acquires 180 Health Partners and Its Strongwell™ Substance-exposed Living Platform

Acquisition expands Mindoula’s suite of tech-enabled, outcome-driven population health management programs to include StrongWell™ Prenatal & Postpartum Care and Substance-exposed Living programs

Silver Spring, MD, March 18, 2021 –(PR.com)– Mindoula, a digital health innovator and market leader in the tech-enabled delivery of collaborative care and population health management programs for complex populations, today announced the acquisition of 180 Health Partners, a Nashville, TN based company, with a mission to positively impact the trajectory of substance-exposed lives.

By combining personalized, interdisciplinary treatment with a relationship-based support ecosystem, the Strongwell™ programs developed by 180 Health Partners operate at the intersection of behavioral, medical, and social care. This proven collaborative model of care delivers better outcomes and achieves higher levels of engagement than traditional, non-hybrid models of support and care. The Strongwell(TM) behavioral health care teams, comprised of 24/7 tech-enabled counselors, peer advocates, nurses, and resource navigators, partner with Medicaid MCO’s, Commercial and Medicare Advantage Health Plans, and states through value-based partnerships both as a vendor and as a fully licensed and credentialed behavioral health provider.

The StrongWell™ programs have reduced Prenatal & Postpartum Care (PPC) costs by more than 50% driven primarily by improved health outcomes for infants and improved PPC for mothers, resulting in an average savings of over $20,500 per baby. They have successfully reduced total cost of care by over 30% for all substance-exposed living populations driven primarily by reduced hospital admissions, readmissions, avoidable Emergency Department utilization, and increased adherence to MAT programs through 180 Health Partners’ established relationships with in-network MAT Clinics and MAT-waivered prescribers.

By helping babies be born healthier, by helping mothers be better supported before and after giving birth, and by helping men and women with substance exposed lives address their challenges, the StrongWell™ programs positively impact current and future generations.

“The 180 Health Partners team is excited to join forces with Mindoula in a way that will allow us to rapidly extend the reach of our StrongWell™ programs and accelerate our mission to provide solutions and services to populations with substance use and other behavioral health challenges,” said Justin Lanning, Founder & CEO of 180 Health Partners. “We founded 180 Health Partners with a vision of delivering the most comprehensive, integrated, and successful tech-enabled hybrid support and care programs in the world for SUD populations with complex challenges and Mindoula is the perfect home for our proven programs to grow and thrive.”

“From our founding back in 2013, we have dedicated our company to serving populations with behavioral, medical, and social challenges across the continuum of care, including those who might otherwise be underserved, labeled, or left behind as a result of substance use challenges,” said Steve Sidel, Founder & CEO of Mindoula. “With 180 Health Partners’ focus on prenatal & postpartum care populations as well as substance exposed non-pregnant adolescent and adult populations, we realized we’d found in their suite of StrongWell™ programs a perfect complement to our collaborative care, interpersonal violence reduction, suicide prevention, and serious mental illness & comorbid medical programmatic interventions. We therefore couldn’t pass up the opportunity to merge with Justin’s terrific company and his amazing team.”

As a result of the acquisition 180 Health Partners will operate as an entity under the Mindoula umbrella of companies that includes predictive analytics subsidiary Care at Hand, and psychiatry innovator, Axis Healthcare Group. 180 Health Partners will continue to offer its StrongWell™ programs on a standalone basis to health plans, governments, health systems, and providers. In addition, the StrongWell™ programs will now be available in a bundle with Mindoula’s other next-generation population health management programs. Justin Lanning will continue to lead 180 Health Partners as its President, and will join Mindoula’s senior leadership team as Chief Customer Officer to help the company advance its mission to transform behavioral healthcare worldwide.

About Mindoula
Mindoula (www.mindoula.com) is a next generation population health management company that scales the human connection through technology in addressing mind, body, and life challenges. It identifies, engages, and serves populations who might otherwise be left behind, and delivers tech-enabled, team-based, 24/7 support and care across the continuum of care. Mindoula’s adaptive data science approach, multi-platform technology stack, and virtual + in-person care extension teams enable its enterprise partners to achieve improved outcomes and significantly reduced costs by integrating behavioral, medical, and social determinants of health. Headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, Mindoula is currently operating in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, Nevada, Louisiana, West Virginia, California, Texas, Missouri, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida, with continued national expansion plans to meet the growing need for integrated whole person care.

About 180 Health Partners
180 Health Partners’ (www.180healthpartners.com) mission is to research, define and provide solutions and services related to substance use and behavioral health challenges that help its clients deliver the most comprehensive, integrated and successful Care + Community programs in the world. Its flagship StrongWell™ programs can be found at www.iamstrongwell.com. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, 180 Health Partners is currently operating in Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, and Florida, partnering primarily with Medicaid MCO’s and States & Governments in serving substance exposed lives across the continuum of care.