Thyme Care Unveils “Thyme Care Oncology Partners,” a Provider-Powered Value-Based Care Model in Partnership with More than 400 Oncologists Nationwide

  • Leading oncology clinics across the nation, including representation from all major managed service organizations, join TCOP to collaborate on value-based initiatives that guarantee patients have access to care, both in the clinic and beyond
  • TCOP practices have the opportunity to participate in quality incentive programs which create novel revenue streams, generated from shared savings through Thyme Care’s arrangements with health plans and risk-bearing entities
  • Designed to deeply integrate with oncology clinics and to align incentives across the healthcare ecosystem, Thyme Care’s model prioritizes health outcomes and reduces costs 

NASHVILLE, Tenn.March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Thyme Care, the leading value-based cancer care enabler, today unveiled Thyme Care Oncology Partners (TCOP), a dedicated platform for oncology practices. More than 400 oncologists across 25 states have joined the platform. Thyme Care will partner with TCOP practices to design and implement value-based care programs for patients covered by participating risk-bearing entities and government-sponsored programs. Thyme Care’s comprehensive suite of services empowers oncologists to focus on proactive, patient-centric care, without added administrative or financial overhead.

Expensive therapies, delayed treatment, and unnecessary hospitalizations underscore the need for patient navigation and value-promoting interventions to reduce the rising costs of cancer care. Initiatives like CMS’ Enhancing Oncology Model and its 2024 decision to reimburse practices for patient navigation services signal a paradigm shift towards value-based cancer care. But, while patient navigation programs hold promise as a means of reducing low-value healthcare spend, they have traditionally been costly and burdensome for practices to implement, scale, and accurately measure.

“Traditional healthcare views value-based care as everyone’s job but no one’s responsibility – great in theory, but too daunting for one party to take accountability for. We’re bringing together all of the stakeholders in such a way that it makes sense for everyone to be a part of,” said Bobby Green, MD, co-founder, chief medical officer, and president of Thyme Care. “Too often in the past this has been attempted without collaborating with the people actually taking care of cancer patients, the oncologists. Together with our partners, we’re helping to drive this shift to value-based cancer care.”

In service of Thyme Care’s partnerships with health plans and other risk-bearing entities, the company offers its patient-centered care resources directly within oncology practices, including navigation services, operational and actuarial support, and the incentive to provide value-based activities not typically reimbursed in fee-for-service arrangements.

Thyme Care supports TCOP practices and their covered patients with:

  • A 24/7 virtual, oncology-trained Care Team and wraparound services, including care coordination between providers, symptom management and electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs), and access to social and economic resources to alleviate SDoH barriers to care.
  • A robust data & analytics engine to help practices better understand their populations, identify opportunities to increase value, and prioritize patient needs based on acuity. This also includes reporting capabilities to more accurately measure results at the single practice level.
  • Novel payment models that unlock value-promoting therapeutic decisions without sacrificing critical practice economics.